There are so many ideas thrown around about how to motivate employees.

Fundamentally is it not about having a clear Purpose that your employees will want to jump out of bed for on a cold and wet Monday morning to achieve?

We overhauled our business model and value proposition at Collingwood nearly 3 years ago. Although we were a very profitable business that had clients queuing up to work with us, when we sat around a table and ask our team if we were enjoying what we did, the resounding response was NO!! So the financials were working for everyone but we were all miserable! 

A few years on we now have a Value Proposition that excites us and one which adds value to our clients, our candidates and our employees. It has been a very hard and painful journey but allows us to open our eyes each Monday morning and know why we turn up for work and MONEY is not our primary motivation.

I agree with this article in that employees are more motivated when they are adding value to both themselves and their key stakeholders.