For too long I have been arguing the case that any recruitment process should be a two way one where both parties are open, transparent and do their best to ensure the relationship is right from the start. Employers have historically believed that great candidates are queuing up to work for them, however, in today's "War on Talent" nothing could be further from the truth. 

Any interview should be a balance between the employer and candidate sharing stories to ensure that they are the right fit for each other. There is no WIN here if either realise in 6 months time that this is not for them.

This is why I disagree with this article's suggestion that employers shouldn't talk about the position. Going further, if you want to attract the best people that will accelerate the performance of your business, then you will have to. If not, they will choose to join an organisation that will.

It is great to give candidates a voice and ensure that they are right for you but even more important is the information you give which allows them to make the right decision on you!