I have always believed that it is better to approach your business relationships in the same way you approach your personal ones. 

The power of genuine, honest and open-minded conversation and interest with your potential clients or supply chain, even if it shows weakness or vulnerability, can only add to your ability to build rapport and liaise in a more human way. 

All to often nowadays we are being sold or dictated to, and people just aren't buying it anymore. People nowadays can spot a fake a mile away and in many cases have choices as to who they want to work or engage with.

The power of emotional intelligence is becoming more and more important and a key driver in success levels. We hear on a regular basis about the need for cultural alignment within working relationships and this alignment can only be identified and quantified by those possessing emotional intelligence.

This cultural team model isn't only popular from an internal team perspective.  Recent major public-funded contracts such as HS2 have made the weight of cultural alignment so important to the success of their supply chain and subcontractor arrangements, that it is a fundamental part of the tender award process.