There is certainly a movement heading away from the traditional "induction" process that we all used to think was best practice when introducing a new employee to our organisations.

Recruitment is an investment in your business and just like the purchase of any other asset, you should focus on the return you can achieve in the shortest period possible.

Induction processes are still necessary but only to familiarise new employees with policies and make an introduction to their new team, culture and what it like to work there.

Modern thinking is now focused on strategic and creative on-boarding or career transitioning. We at Collingwood are strong advocates of this and provide it as a standard part of all our Executive Search processes to make Senior Hires.

Transitioning is all about setting an individual up for success. We create tri-partite agreements with the CEO, the new hire and ourselves to agree what success looks like in the first 6 months and then develop a Coaching strategy to achieve it. The results have been fantastic and not only minimise the risk of a failed hire but more importantly maximise performance in much shorter periods of time from joining.