The reality is that we have been trading internationally in the UK for hundreds of years, we rely on products, services and skills from other countries and yet the term Globalisation can still feel a little intimidating.

Reading this most informative article further highlights to me the need to keep things simple. For example yes it is a balancing act between managing the here and now and looking to the future - but the reality is there is no future with out a successful here and now.

What I mean is in every business there are decisions to be made, often decisions that feel tough to make. We either get more comfortable at making tough decisions or we find a way to make decisions easier to make.

Simple .. well no we are not computers, but if we give ourselves and our organisations two things it does become more simple. 

Firstly - Direction, the "where are we trying to get to". However this should be an ever changing place so secondly and most importantly is Purpose. 

The "why" - having a purpose gives clarity to so many situations. We all want to know why we are doing things day to day from individual, team and organisational perspectives. A purpose can motivate and also help you to get through those less enjoyable tasks - we all enjoy feeling part of something larger.

This leads to the "how", if you have stuck to your guns bringing the right people into the business then this question gives you the best opportunity to put all that talent and innovation into action.