Wow, quite a figure - in order to meet demand placed on the countries housing and infrastructure projects the construction industry must recruit 400,000 NEW workers per year.  This equates to a new worker (typically of graduate level) entering the market every 77 seconds.  Worrying given the effects article 50 will have moving forward!

Not many would question the need to build more homes or (vastly) improve our road and rail network, but we need the skills for such projects.  

I, like so many people who spend a lot of their weeks travelling around the country at meetings, spent several hours parked on the M25, M62 and M40 last week.  Alternatives when travelling to meetings in Durham and Staines were two three stop train journeys that took the same amount of time as driving (minus the freedom to belt out tunes from The Yardbirds and Black Sabbath en route).