The figures are truly mesmerising. Whilst you would think working in the industry I would be rubbing my hands with glee, the facts are terrifying!

As stated by many senior figures in the industry and reconfirmed within Arcadis' recent article. 400,000 new workers are needed each year to meet the demand of the current project pipeline. 

This level of demand reminds me of the boom times in the Middle East where there just wasn't the local talent pipeline available to deliver the multi billion project portfolios.  Whilst the UK may be better placed to accommodate mass international recruitment drives, I don't think this thinking should be the first choice solution. 

One of the main points of our current large scale infrastructure investment is to protect our future generations.  To create, not only much needed infrastructure and services to meet demand but also the provide long term employment and much needed skillsets. 

This legacy of skills can then be further used to deliver or exported across global developments. Arming future generations with the tools needed to succeed and deliver economic growth. 

And on paper this seems like the right idea, developing local skills and providing long term employment.  

However, the Construction industry isn't the only industry looking at our young people and the industry must do more to attract talent. Talent who may be unaware of the variety of opportunities available in the sector or have a misconception of working life in the built environment