This weeks Northern Powerhouse event has raised many concerns about the amount of investment the region has received in recent times. 

Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy stated the North must come together to tackle the “massive” challenges facing the region.

Transport links have been a key area of concern and with the recent figures reported. The amount of investment in the capital per head drawfts that of the Northern region six fold. 

Whilst transport links to the capital have improved over recent years and the likes of the newly confirmed HS2 project only strengthening our connection and accessibility to London. Andrew and many others are pushing for increased connectivity East to West. 

The connectivity of the northern region and linking the major cities to each other and our international gateways is an essential part of future proofing the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse needs to be able to easily connect supply chains and market to our customers globally. 

Whilst there seems to be much momentum and support from government and the private sector. More has to be done to implement the major infrastructure commitment from government.  Which goes back to Andrew Percy's initial comment of working together to tackle the "Massive" challenges ahead.