I read a book called Legacy about the All Blacks and their philosophies, culture and principles and one thing that has really stayed with me was their desire to change/develop/grow especially when they are at the top of their game.

There are load of sporting analogies you could use, Leicester city for example but this also has relevance in business. 

If you wrote a list of what a great leader brings an organisation I'll bet direction and vision would be on there but this should never mean getting to a final destination - that would be fatal. Business models that can't change, teams that don't innovate and cultures that wont develop are going to get stuck exactly there - at a final destination.

We are not talking about change for changes sake here, we are talking about continuous betterment of what we offer, the ways we work and indeed the leaders we are.

The article below highlights this point so well, people that embrace challenge and development stay sharper for longer and so it is in business.