Ever since the EU referendum there has been plenty of talk about how to develop a 'global Britain', seeking out and developing new markets abroad. Liam Fox proffered his views on this topic (see below), I'm sure there would be plenty of people who might disagree with Mr Fox's views! I actually don't think this wasn't already being done by a lot of companies, however I do believe it wouldn’t do British organisations any harm to reassess or introduce more vigour into this commercial activity, obviously if it's relevant to the company’s product/service.

There are some stats that make for interesting reading, German exports are worth almost three times as much as those of the UK, France exports more than Britain and even the Netherlands outperforms the UK in exports (despite being a third of the size). However this article is not referring to uk manufacturing but British architectural firms, who are already amongst the global export leaders, and have a well-established presence in many of the world’s most developed markets, as do British engineers. Question; Can other British organisations leverage more off these strong relationships? Should we bemoan what doesn’t happen or praise what does?  I'm sure labelling UK businesses as 'too lazy and too fat' doesn't help international trade, surely UK unity is as important now as it has ever been!