Reading up on this recent Gallup research, it seems that there is still some way to go before companies find ways to put their engagement plans into action.

Although that is not a surprise in many ways, if you think about it we could all intellectualize what makes a great, engaging and motivational place to be, and communication plays a huge part. However putting this stuff into action and then making it become part of the every day is not so simple.

If we take communication for example,  when an organisation gets past a certain size its not as simple as an MD talking to their teams. So how do we get it right?

I would suggest a simple intellectual answer - make it a priority. The then tough bit - make it part of the companies DNA.

Lets be honest there are some many platforms to use these days that there is no excuse not to do it so then it comes back to mindset. Until that changes these research results will remain the same.