Having just read this article about ten skills needed to drive innovation which include culture, leadership, engagement, collaboration it strikes me that these are also a result of driving innovation.

This would then suggest that starting an innovation project could also come before these things are in place. What I mean is that if you want to have an innovative culture you have to start asking people to be innovative, if you want to have a leadership team that drives innovation they need to start to be those things - put in the effort up front.

We often have to start doing things before they become part of who we are, and innovation is the same.

I agree that organisational culture, leadership, engagement are all key ingredients in an innovative business but Innovation is also a key driver of engagement and develops leadership abilities and builds its own culture. 

If every business waited to have all of these ten points in place before driving innovation I'm not sure many would get there. Chicken or the egg? I'd suggest either or.