As consumers what trends and transformations will we see by 2030? This recent study highlights some of the key trends. Of course online sales will continue to play their part, however, consumer habits, living and working norms will change, with these being a little more difficult to predict. Who would of predicted the steep rise of the discounters a number of years back in a 'Big Four Grocer' dominated market?

The ten trends identified in this report are:

Consumer behaviour

1) Stagnating mass market

2) Fragmented niches of growth

3) Hybrid shopping and the rise of discounters

4) E-grocery and the fight for digital placements

Industry Dynamics 

5) Vertical integration

6) Competition in the digital arena

 7) Cost leadership and consolidation

External influences

8) Tighter regulation

9) Fragile global supply chains 

10) New living and working norms