Having been in it for 19 years, the recruitment industry is a relationship I have had my ups and downs with! Like all industries there is brilliance and a total dedication to delivering exceptional service and then at the other end, a total transactional output delivered by money hungry, unethical, low level individuals with no skills nor care to deliver value to clients and candidates. This isn't just at junior level recruitment but I have also met clients who have suffered this when recruiting in their Boardroom!

This letter from Bryan Adams sums up my feelings entirely as he highlights how fantastic our relationships could be with clients and candidates if we show the love, care and attention that we would in a personal relationship that we want to blossom. 

By working with clients that we are passionate about from the outset, who align to our Values, who want to work collaboratively and who consider recruitment as an investment and not a cost, we have delivered amazing results and very strong partnerships. We also regularly receive strong candidate feedback saying that they have felt valued and have enjoyed the recruitment process whether or not they were successful.