Below is a quick summary;

There is a focus on building homes faster, ensuring developers build within two years and not the current three, there is a higher focus on rented accommodation. 


Councils will be “expected to use land more efficiently” by building homes at a higher density where there is a shortage of land and where there are good transport links. Councils will be given more power to build more homes too, details to follow. 

Affordable rent 

The £1.4bn fund that was announced, plus an opening up of the Affordable Homes. There was the promise to allow developers to offer more affordable rent alongside other forms of affordable housing.


The government are aiming for 200,000 more homeowners by the end of the parliament and this new Lifetime ISA will help achieve that by giving young tenants flexibility when saving for the long term.


Much was discussed on this topic in the lead up to the White Paper, 

Barwell admitted there would be no change to the policy, which only allows building on the green belt in exceptional circumstances. The housing minister said: “The green belt is 13% of the land. We can solve this crisis without having to take huge tracts out of the green belt.

“We are not going to weaken the protections; we have a clear manifesto promise and there is no need to take huge tracts of land out of the green belt to solve our housing crisis.

I feel the general consensus is that this white paper is a touch ‘bland’, time will tell how much progress this delivers.