It was with a heavy heart I read the news today that we as a country are falling (way) behind targets set by the EU directive.

In fact we are under half the target set, with most other European countries on course.  

Although people argue that there is no hardened proof that emissions have created climate change, such directives surely show mankind's intent.  What worries me further is America downgrading climate changes importance in the wider scheme of things.  Trump has made it clear this is not high in his agenda.

Funding for companies is being squeezed with service providers within utilities having to look at alternatives.  I am working with a utility infrastructure installer currently who, for many years, has made a living out of connecting solar and wind farms.  These markets are now largely redundant with the company having to look at biomass and battery storage as commercial sound alternatives.

Crying shame.  Lets hope onus is put back into the technology.