Wow, what a fantastic night for Tom Brady & Co and a nightmare that will long live in the memory of Matt Ryan and the Atlantic Falcons.

Going into the game (as a Cleveland Browns fan!) I really thought that the Falcons all round offensive and defensive excellence could cause the Patriots some real pain but I didn't expect them to wipe the floor in the first half.

My 13 year old son is a Patriots fan and so it wasn't hard to convince him that they couldn't turn the game around at 2am this morning and, following more poor play for Brady & Co at the start of the 3rd Quarter, we both tucked ourselves up in bed!!

At the back of my mind, however, I couldn't imagine that the Patriots could keep playing as badly and watching Brady take himself away from the team to reflect on what was happening it was clear that he was re-strategising and using his extensive and proven Leadership to develop a new game plan.

His team trusted him as he led the new plan and the inexperienced Falcons crumbled as the pressure came on them.

It would have been easy for the Patriots to have accepted a poor performance but instead their Leaders stepped up to help and convince the team that success was possible and their winning mentality, that had seen them through in bad situations before, came to the fore. The result was inspiring for any individual or business that finds itself in an unexpected bad situation. Trust your process, trust one another and ensure you have a Plan B!