Collingwood have witnessed first hand the effect a great sales leader can have on an organisation, a team and individuals. 

We have been delivering the final part of a programme that has brought in a new sales culture for an organisation that has looked to understand what it takes to be successful and build and develop the team around these core skills. A brave and innovative move for an already successful business. However, there is no doubt that this will bring them more success as they are one step ahead of their competition once more.

One thing I heard from a number of the sales team was how they felt their sales director 'had their back'. This could be taken as a throw away comment but in reality it's more than that. It's proof of a motivator and an authentic leader. 

A sales leader needs to be all things in a business, they must have a strategic and results led approach with excellent motivational abilities, they must be innovative and yet unwavering in their tolerance of falling standards.

To use a sales analogy it comes back to a simple fact that the benefits to a business of excellent sales leadership are huge and the cost of inaction or rather sticking with poor sales leadership can be irreparable.