Over the past few years I have worked with a number of law firms, it is a tough industry that is undeniably jam packed with clever talented people. 

In the past legal firms have attracted lots of newly qualified young people as it is a well respected industry where you can do well financially and have a reasonably secure and long career. However it has also demanded dedication, huge commitment, high stress levels and lets be honest very long hours.

However with a new generation entering the industry, with new expectations and a different type of loyalty there appears to be big changes ahead. 

Essentially the motivators are changing, the prize of a partner role earned through many years of very hard graft is no longer a huge driver for many millennials which inevitably brings about the question - how are legal firms going to attract and retain talent in the future?

This article is excellent, as we have seen across other sectors in recent history the employers that embrace this change and build a strategy that motivates, engages and develops the newly qualified will be the ones that perform the best.

Interesting times ahead.