My focus on investing time into my own personal learning was only really started 3 years ago when we decided to take Collingwood on a journey of major cultural and business change. My mentor through the transformation is very similar to the way Theodore Roosevelt is described in this article - I am sure he also reads at least a book a day. His knowledge about the world and seemingly every topic available inspired me to investigate how he does it. For him reading books was his personal learning fodder but this presents a barrier for me as my attention span and busy work and family life limit the amount of time I can sit down and open a book. Instead I have found my place in Podcasts, You Tube and shorter articles mostly available in Social Media or on the web.

I really think that society sees personal learning at work in the form of classroom style training and I would urge these people to look around them and identify the huge range of opportunities available (also mainly FREE) that will be hugely valuable to stretching you and delivering new learning to benefit both your personal and professional goals.