Every so often certain topics come to the fore that on the surface seem to be a no brainer, for example Employee Engagement has been a hot topic for many years and yet every CEO would generally agree that a more engaged workforce would be a good thing for their business. The "how do we do it" is a longer conversation.

So is Diversity a no brainer or is it more complicated? Most definitely there are more considerations, firstly what do we mean by diversity, are we talking nationality, gender, personality, skill set? Another consideration is will a more diverse workforce effect organisational culture? 

Well it probably will, but there is no reason a more diverse workforce can't share similar values and as this article suggests it will also drive innovation and engagement which we know result in better performance and profitability, however managing a more diverse workforce will not be without challenges.

In terms of business performance embracing Diversity seems to be another no brainer,especially if growth and innovation are on the agenda for 2017. The "how do we get it right" is more complicated but clearly worth the conversation.