I remember reading an article a year or so ago about how all our mobile devices and use of social media is changing how we interact, communicate and also our attention span. 

Microsoft suggest that our attention span is now less than that of an Goldfish, yes a Goldfish! Only 8 Seconds. 

We now find it harder to focus for longer periods of time, the positive is this change has made us more decisive in what we deem as worth our attention.

However what does this mean to the world of sales? it certainly means that the cold caller needs to get to the point and make a good impression even faster, it also means that presentations need to be more punchy and bespoke. 

In L&D we often say that content doesn't change that much, it is the context for that person that's the key to engaging hearts and minds. So in a world that is becoming more fast paced do us sales people need to take even more time to understand what is important to that individual? Definitely.