Just in every part of life, our motivation to engage with something or someone increases when we are made to feel loved! Recruitment is no different. We live in a world that expects instant responses and so we must consider this when we develop our recruitment processes. Consider your communication strategy first and foremost. Who are you trying to attract to your company? Where do they hangout or what type of communication do they like and will respond best to? It needs to be kept simple and avoid asking candidates to do things that add no value and just put them off. They have lots of options and will choose ones that are easy to chase.

Far too many companies still believe that candidates are queing up to work for them and expect them to jump through lots of hoops and can engage when the company is ready. This is a huge mistake.

Clear communication and letting candidates know your expectations up front is really important as is your delivery of these promises!

A robust recruitment process that is delivered with pace will always win over clunky ones that meandor and leave candidates feeling disengaged, unloved and just a number.