Developing my recent blog on trends in the construction market over the last quarter and into 2017, two additional trends affecting the way building product manufacturers will be able to sell to specifiers are emerging:

 - Over recent years we have witnessed more joined up thinking when it comes to overall management of a project.  Gone are the days of owner (developer) - architect - contractor relationships, with design & build now the norm.  Moving forward, both cost and labour management are forcing the supply chain into a more collaborative project delivery approach with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreements more commonplace.  

 - We have witnessed the huge impact BIM has had.  Ok, it may have been around since the 1970's but with government having pushed for BIM level 2 to become mandatory there is no shirking from it.  Developing this, over the weekend I read the staggering statistic that 99% of specifiers conduct most of their preliminary product searches online.  Through working with manufacturers on several senior marketing roles, I can say with confidence, many manufacturers are not clued up to the digital age and the opportunities it offers.  

Are you up to speed on this side of marketing advancements?