Success in recruiting and retaining top talent will only come to those who genuinely see Talent Acquisition as an investment and NOT a transactional cost. Getting recruitment wrong is a very costly exercise and so the minute you identify that you need to recruit a role, and no matter at what level, you need to invest time and money to develop a robust strategy that will both entice and retain the acquired individual.

One of the best strategies I have seen from one of our clients, a high profile business in the UK Rail sector. They are a small player with a flat hierarchical structure and can't offer an amazing career path. Understanding this, they communicate openly with candidates but commit to invest in them so that the individuals are well equipped to achieve their career ambitions even if that means that they will have to leave and join a new employer. This strategy has successfully secured an amazing pool of talent who have accelerated the performance of our client way beyond what would have been delivered if they had recruited someone who lacked ambition but would have stayed for the long term.