....at a cost (I didn't want negativity in the title).

Following on from my blog on the Forum of Built Environment breakfast meeting early this month, I was buoyed to read today that more planning permissions had been accepted on the northern region than that of the South East.

In fact, figures in the north were up some 22% on their Greater London counterparts this year.

All very positive news.  There is, however, a but.  It would seem that local authorities are becoming more worried about stretched resources and this is filtering through to applicants.  80% of recent applicants surveyed have been dissatisfied with the time is has taken to have applications go through.  This is a problem for the industry, with central government tasked with increasing application successes and time frames, thus stimulating the construction industry.

This is backed with 65% of Planning Officers recently surveyed stating they feel the planning process is becoming too complicated and convoluted.