Recruiting your first employee when starting your own business is definitely a nerve racking time! I remember when I set up Collingwood in 2005 and, despite having been an Executive Search Consultant for over 8 years, I am sure I was as nervous as someone who had never recruited before!

Recruiting anyone is an investment in your business and should be considered in the same way as buying a capital asset. Preparing to succeed is critical and so spend time really thinking about not only the role, experience and behaviours of who will add the most value to your business now and in the future but also detail what the role is and your clear expectations of it.

Don't take risks as hiring the wrong person is 3 times worse than recruiting no one at all! You are better to struggle on your own that recruit the wrong person. Believe me I it is a key learning point from my 11 years leading Collingwood and my 19 years in Executive Search partnering start-ups to grow.