I have recently finished two separate assignments for a genuine market leading manufacturer within the building products sector.

From the outside, if you were to ask the industry and look on companies house you would say they are the number ones, hold market share, have great brand and employee engagement ratings.

How wrong we can sometimes be.  Reviewing some of the above, their MD has revealed some staggering findings.  He ascertained that much of the problems came from a board level member of staff who had been with the company for what seemed like forever.  

Holding a dual role (e.g. sales & commercial or finance and IT) the individuals area of expertise was very much in one discipline and not the other.

Additionally. this person had led with an iron fist mentality, where command and control has reigned supreme.  People within the two teams had, for a long period, stopped thinking for themselves.  To be frank, some had stopped caring!  The valuable intelligence the teams were gathering in their day-to-day roles had not been used for years.

The solution; the MD split the functions into two separate board level roles.  We then headhunted against both hard and soft skills and assessed their abilities to drive change and empowerment from within teams.

The result:  A much more engage, motivated and positive workforce, all pulling towards a well communicated and involved business plan.  Ok, it is too early to put financial gains to the recruits, but the positivity is, apparently, capable.