Interview or candidate assessment processes are an interesting challenge if you want to meet candidates that you will have a "nice" meeting with. This article highlights the dangers of appointing "nice" but ineffective CEO's or Leaders for your business but I really do believe the recruitment process needs to be set up for success and that includes the capability of your interviewers. Interviews should definately not be about having comfortable meetings and to be effective there are many tough and uncomfortable questions that need to be asked. If you want to be liked then conducting a recruitment interview is probably not for you!! 

Clearly any recruitment process is about investigating whether candidates are aligned to your company's Vision and Values and to get relevant data there are some dark places to probe! Equally I am also a believer that you need to support your assessment process with proven, accredited psychometric tools that provide an in-depth 3rd party view of an individual. For this purpose and to assess at the C-suite leadership level we have been really impressed by the data Hogan provides us.