It is that time of year again for FMCG businesses, where demand hits its peak and you are praying that you have enough stock of that must have product. Sometimes it is difficult to predict such successes though, especially in original, unlicensed products. I am sure there are warehouses full of Star Wars products in anticipation of demand on the release of the new film, for example. 

This info-graphic reminds us of some of the toys that were big successes over recent years with some staggering numbers alongside them as well. For example, the 1997 Tamagotchi, with over 40 million units sold!

Collingwood have worked alongside businesses to recruit senior Supply Chain and Product Management professionals to ensure that they improve their availability as well as the overall brand story and market demand.

We have also enjoyed partnering some leading and recognisable FMCG brands over the years and helped them to not only recruit but develop their senior leadership teams.  

We look forward to partnering many more....