The days of posting a job and waiting for a phenomenal response from a plethora of outstanding candidates has long gone. In fact, I believe it left us at least 8 years ago in 2008!!

Recruitment is actually quite a complicated strategy to develop in 2016 with so many options diluting the attention of the candidates employers want to engage with. Avoiding wasting precious time is high on the agenda of job seekers and so why would they shoot their CV off to job adverts when ROI and success is proven to be very low.

We at Collingwood ditched any reliance on job boards and recruitment advertising around 10 years ago and we are strong advocats of building robust relationships with high calibre leaders in the specialist industries we serve. Most high potential talent are not proactively looking for a new role and so will only invest time in something that aligns to their Values and career aspirations. They want to cut to the chase and be confident that they only get involved with recruitment processes that will deliver their aspirations with people they trust.

I don't mean that you have to use a recruitment specialist to secure the talent your business needs but I would suggest that you give some real thought to why candidates would want to engage with you. What stories can you tell that represent your employer brand and inspire candidates to get in touch. How can you create a brand that your audience will trust? How can you build a strong referral program from your employees?

Whatever you do please don't rely on Job Boards thinking that they are a quick, effective and cheap way to secure new talent for your business.