The continuing references to a shortage of industry talent have to leave us all wondering what could be possible if companies were able to address this skills crisis.  As a senior level recruiter, with 15 years’ experience within the sector what advice can I offer that, whilst not solving the shortage crisis, can ensure companies are better placed to attract, appoint and retain their current and future employees:

  • With executive recruits and skilled tradesmen in such high demand, you have to go out and look for the people.  Relying on reactive advertising is a lottery and, generally, will not attract top talent
  • Once you've pulled together interested parties move quickly. Communication and action are king once you have a strong candidate's interest
  • Do not make the interview process convoluted or over processed. Work with internal stakeholders to agree on the who, what and when that will get you to a decision on your candidate
  • You have to drive a compelling employer branding exercise.  What differentiates your company from your main competitors down the road?  Maybe start with why you work for the company; what has your internal journey been; what investment has the company shown in you;  work / life balance – does this apply to your employer

In addition to this, there is the ongoing issue of succession planning within building products and construction, but that huge subject in its own right!