With the UK's rail knowledge and experience regarded as some of the strongest in the world. It comes as no surprise that many nations are looking to the UK to provide expertise on their new developments and upgrading projects. 

The likes of LUL, HS1&2 and Crossrail are well known globally as being at the forefront of national and urban transport development. Not just from an engineering and construction perspective but also the systems, safety and technology making the customer and operator experience so successful.

With many new developments either planned or underway across the globe the demand of talent is strong and our recent Brexit woes are only strengthening the case to buy or import British.

Having worked and recruited internationally for over ten years, I know the global attraction to brand Britain. Our small island nation has a global reputation for well educate and capable individuals who deliver. We also benefit from a strong history in international trade and global partnerships, enabling our passport to circumnavigate lengthy employment visa  processes which prove awkward stumbling blocks for other nations