...OK, I probably need to stop banging on about offsite construction soon, but it does intrigue me.  

Some of the figures below are well worth keeping in your head.  All rather compelling.

In addition, two evenings ago I was reading an article in our local rag about prefabricated bungalows being commissioned.  It highlighted all the relatively well published pros to constructing in this method, but also emphasised a poignant fact.  In the county in which I live (Shropshire) there will be an additional 11,000 people of retirement age by 2025.  Land is still of a premium, house prices not rising at a rate to make for weighty equity and our aging population are still looking to downsize.  These offsite manufactured homes are made inside 12 days  and installed in less than three!  

Of course this is without mentioning the much improved maintenance costs and reduction in carbon footprint.