As an avid supported of Liverpool Football Club it is hard for me to read about the success of Manchester United during the last 30 years. However, my intrigue into what makes a great Leader takes over and I find Harvard's Case Study on what made Alex Ferguson successful an impressive read.

From laying solid foundations via his youth system and the preparation he put into everything to his relentless work ethic and clearly looking 4 years beyond the current season it is clear that he was a pioneering Leader and up there with the best of his peers. His ability to predict what how he needed to change his squads every four years and even more the fact that he won 5 league championships with 5 different squads is impressive.

My one question is whether Ferguson's autocratic style is one that would woo the upcoming millenial footballers. Would today's foootballers respond in the same way to Ferguson's leadership approach as Giggs, Neville and Scholes did?