Whether it be a remote worker or an office based employee, Onboarding or Career Transitioning is critical to the success of your new hire. That said I have met very few companies that do anything more than a day's induction that is focused on IT setup and a quick tour of the office.

Research from Harvard found that new Leaders take an average of 6.2 months to give anything back to your organisation which is a long time before you may start to receive a return on your investment.

There are simple questions you need to answer before developing an effective onboarding strategy. What does success look like in the performance of your new employee and how will you measure it? What gaps are there in their skills and behaviours that may prevent them achieving success and how are you going to close these gaps? Who will be responsible for keeping close to the new employee to listen to feedback in their first few months?

Above all, you have just invested a significant amount of money and time to recruit your new leader and so why wouldn't you put a plan in pace to safeguard them and maximise your ROI?