And just as our focus is on creating the highest levels of Employee Engagement that we can, Harvard come up with the risks of achieving it!

On our journey to make our work places enviable environments to be and our teams becoming more engaged, this article provides some good risk factors to be aware of. For starters, it is clear that having a team of pure happy optimists is more likely to deliver negative results for your business in the long run and it is necessary and prudent to have a good balance between Pessimists (I call them realists) and Optomists. It is the Realists who will keep the business focused on consistently creating a competitive advantage over your competitors and will give you a nudge whenever you start to become complacent and at risk of taking your eye off the ball. This group are restless and always worried about the hidden dangers that could emerge at any time.

The other potential concern of High Employee Engagement is the risk that your employees are so engaged that they live to work and forget what is really important in life and burnout is around the corner.