I have to profess, I know little (nothing) of Jesse Norman other than what I have read this morning.  One things for sure, I hope he is good at priortising multiple, pressing, high profile projects.

So where does he start with some of these?

 - Instilling confidence back into foreign investment in UK commercial projects post Brexit

 - Major skills shortage.  Attracting graduate intake, bolstering apprenticeship schemes in a wary market

 - Hinkley Powerplant.  Commentary not required after this weekend!

 - Infrastructure investment.  Again little needs adding.  Very interesting to see how he drives the HS2 / 3 projects along with the various proposed road project investments.  

 - Creating a more meaningful plan for introducing offsite construction into major projects.  

 - Managing the necessity for contractors / building product manufacturers to use BIM 2. 

 - Ongoing pressure from regions for devolution to occur (oh, and ramping up the Northern Powerhouse)

 - Controlling the weather allowing projects to be completed on time to budget (I jest of course!)