This article is so true. How many of you have been in companies that have adorned their walls with pictures of various "team" activities wrapped with Core Values but when you scratch beneath the surface they all fall apart. I recently met the Head of HR for a globally renowned engineering business and we discussed Core Values. Throughout their office were symbols and pictures representing their Core Values but when I asked the Head of HR for more information on what they were and how they were embedded in the organisation, she couldn't even recite them to me!!

Despite 8 years of very proud success, we decided to pull Collingwood apart and start again simply because, although all our financial targets were being over achieved, our team wasn't really enjoying the clients we were supporting and the Executive Search assignments we were being retained on.

We decided to start the rebuild process by identifying our Core Values and going from there. It had a huge impact on us as we recognised that we were not all aligned and so some brave decisions had to be taken. Since then we have rebuilt our team and our candidate assessment is focused on Values and Behaviours. The result is a unified team who share the same values, purpose, vision and who are accelerating our performance with a client portfolio we are very proud of.

Core Values have been the bedrock of our renaissance.