This article is a blend of employer branding, an effective recruitment process and above all the importance that you recruit against behaviours and your culture first and foremost.

The latter is gathering pace but far too many organisations are still willing to put " a bum on a seat" to alleviate short term work load pains instead of considering the negative impact and potential HR nightmare you will give yourself when a new appointment goes wrong due to a cultural mis-alignment.

We, at Collingwood, have been building our team against values and behaviours for nearly 3 years now and it has had a significant positive impact in all areas of our business not only revenue growth. Our team is aligned to a clear vision and a core set of values that we worked hard to identify at the start of our journey. The result is coherence, a strong team dynamic and an outstanding service to our clients to name only a few. This has been achieved in place of our old culture which delivered impressive revenue performance but with individuals working in silos and not working for the common good.