The "passive" job market is today's trendy focus and I agree with this article that it is an unkind and somewhat an inappopriate term to give great candidates who are not necessarily proactively looking for a move. I also agree that the most passive part of current recruitment practices is the archaic methods employers are using to try and attract high calibre canidates to fill their critically important roles. Recruitment advertising fell of a cliff a decade ago and simply picking up the phone to surprise cold candidates in the hope that they will be interested in what you have to say will only end in disappointment.

Recruitment practices remain far too reactive and usually in response to a resignation or sudden change in strategy.

We are having a lot of conversations with our clients to try and understand their 1 to 3 year vision for their business in order to plan their recruitment and use build an Employer Brand strategy is capable of filling a talent pipeline of candidates who would love to work for them that they can "call off" when relevant vacancies arise.