Holding a very involved meeting with a large building product manufacturer yesterday something struck me.  

We have worked on two board level positions with them over the last year.  They hold the favorable number one status in their field but feel business has stagnated somewhat.  They have invested in a Head of Technical to drive innovation in new products and a Sales Director to devise new and existing strategy throughout the market.

We are now retained to headhunt a newly formed Marketing Director role for them.  Sitting with the MD, HR Manger and Business Consultant, all the more obvious facets associated were covered. Reviewing where the company sits internally, the really interesting and key element they are looking for would not typically slap you in the face.  

Much effort and resource has been poured into heaving, what is a very sizable ship, into a change of focus.  This, however, has not transposed throughout the various divisions.  Along with taking their message to a more consumer audience, the new recruit will take responsibility for driving every departments understanding of marketing and how best to drive the message.  

Along with sales, marketing is often viewed as the great ambassador for the company.  In this role they will be responsible for driving candidate attraction via HR, understanding return of investment through finance, "throwing the ball up" for the sales team and driving market intelligence back and messaging through operations.

In my experience, this will not always be an easy task, working in an industry that all too often shy's away from a change of approach.