As an employer, would you ever allow this to happen? As a candidate, how many times has it happened to you?

For either party allowing someone to represent your company with the task of attracting high calibre talent whilst having no idea what the job entails or the skills and experience sought is a total waste of everyones' time. Furthermore it will negatively impact your Employer Brand and word of mouth could halt your talent attraction strategy in one action!

For employers, inviting candidates to an interview should not be viewed as a transaction. They will be sacrificing something (even if it is just time) to come and see you and so please value them and come prepared! How would you feel if you took time to prepare well for an interview and then arrived to meet someone who had no idea what the job entailed? Like it or not you are your company's Brand Ambassador and must act like it.

If you want to attract, appoint and retain the best then you need to act like it.