Do you or your company take personal development seriously? Do you successfully take time out during your working day to reflect or invest in personal learning? It is amazing how many of us don't have enough time in our working days to incorporate personal learning. We really do pay lip service to reading books, watching YouTube or downloading podcasts as an integral part of our self-development. It is all a "nice to have" rather than being viewed as a core part of what we do to stretch ourselves and drive improvements and innovation.

We (Collingwood) started changing our business strategy a couple of years ago and our Business Mentor introduced the idea of widening our business perspectives and identifying best practices through personal learning. After a slow start we enjoy sharing what we are learning throughout the team and not only have we grown as individuals but we have also driven improvements across our executive search and leadership consultancy businesses from what we have learnt.

This is a great article and an approach that I would highly recommend.