Some very solid and valuable advice in this article if you want to create a talent pipeline of high calibre candidates to fill your vacancies (right up to Board) now and as you grow. If you are building a business founded on employing outstanding talent then you need to recognise that effective recruitment goes way beyond simply placing an advert on a job board. You may strike lucky once or twice but you definately will not create any kind of pipeline to fulfill your company demands going forward.

Furthermore, you shouldn't pay lip service to creating a powerful Employer Brand. It is not just about attracting candidates to a great website or careers page but you must also consider how you are going to engage, educate and motivate candidates to want to stay in touch with you and spread the word to their networks that you are a great business to work for. You also need to consider a robust process of assessing candidates who will raise the bar in your business and help you achieve your Purpose and Vision.

So much to consider and put in place!!