Last year I listened intently to a debate given by The Head of External Affairs of the Civils Contractors Association on the below subject.

Much has been written about attracting school leavers into construction, be this via a university course, or apprenticeship.  The panel, however, raised a hugely beneficial point.  Where have all the skilled workforce gone who were supposedly shoved on to the proverbial scrap heap in 2008/09?  From Brickies to Operation Managers running multi-million pound sites, droves were forced to seek alternative employment.  Where are these people now; especially given that they could no doubt warrant higher salaries than five years ago.

The panel raised a further interesting point.  These workers in their 40's 50's and 60's are likely to have children. Who do children look up to as role models and for advice on career choices?  Worryingly, what are these parents going to advise having been stung by the industry over recent times?