Among the companies I have partnered during the last 18 years in my recruitment career, the use of Personality or Psychometric testing really is like "marmite". The leaders I speak to either love them and fully endorse them or absolutely hate them and you have to change the conversation very quickly!

We still meet lots of companies who believe they are skilled enough and have a strong enough "gut feel" to ensure every recruitment is a success. For the record "gut feel" only goes so far.

At Collingwood we have a portfolio of Psychometric Assessments that we use depending on the type of recruitment or leadership development that we are doing. These include Thomas International, Hogan and SDI. As part of a robust recruitment strategy that ensures we are able to evaluate the behaviours, values, skills and experience of candidates, we strongly endorse 3rd party Psychometrics to provide a different view and ensure our clients have all the data they need to make a successful appointment that takes no risks and that they know will be a great investment for their company's future.

Getting an appointment wrong can be very costly and so investing in Personality or Psychometric Testing is a great way to maximise your Return on Investment.