Interesting article about aligning a company's Purpose with the personal Purpose of sought candidates to drive a client's business forward.

We at Collingwood recently re-defined our Purpose, Vision and Values and so really understand what we need to assess in the individuals we interview to come and join our amazing team. It is perceived as an easy exercise and we really have seen the positive benefit of hiring behaviours and values before we consider experience and skills. Our business performance has accelerated since we adopted this approach, our team is very close knit and share a common vision and our clients experience exceptional care and attention no matter who you deal with at Collingwood.

That said, I meet very few clients (from SME's to Global Corporations) who have invested time to define their purpose and then build their team around it. The idea of living an authentic Employer Brand is gathering pace and those who have embraced it early are finding it far easier to attract and retain exceptional talent.