Ok, no massive surprises in the below post if you have kept your finger on the pulse of industry news.  Two points for me to raise on the subject; 1) I have heard how construction service providers are investing, often large sums, in attracting talent.  Succession planning and filling critical project led roles continue to be the barriers to growth.  Thousands of pounds is being invested in educating from primary school up in dispelling the stigma attached with the industry.  Thousands more is pumped into convincing ex sector workers to polish off the hard hat and get back on site.  2) Within building products, and especially within technical / manufacturing roles, at least half my research is spent on attracting talent into the industry.  Graduates from such disciplines as metallurgy, physics, industrial manufacturing and MBA's sadly see other sectors as far more sexy and advanced.  

All I can say is good luck to such organisations as the CITB and @suzannahnichol and all those at Build UK.  I look forward to hearing and reading more in the coming months.