When I established Collingwood nearly 11 years ago, I really wanted to break the mold of what everyone believes a recruitment company is. We didn't want to be a fee focused environment where THE only thing that matters is the fee you put "on the board" each month and where you sit on the famous league table! In other words we didn't want to be a very shallow business.

We have been constantly evolving and the last two years, in particular, have been a real internal challenge as we have reset our Purpose, Vision, Values and built our foundations around a team that love what they do and care passionately about our clients.

We have few KPI's and have encouraged our consultants to just get "Out of the building" and meet aspirational clients because you really want to build a trusting relationship with them in the medium term and not arrange a meeting to "sell" a Retainer.

So I am more than chuffed too bits that Anna has written this authentic and passionate article about how she measures her own success. Breaking the mold of an industry is hugely challenging and takes time but is equally as rewarding when it is achieved.